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​A Family Affair

Nobody likes wearing braces, but paying for them is arguably worse.  After a trip to the orthodontist in 2011, Tim was determined to find a way to pay for his son, Robert's braces.  He knew from his experience as a teenager, that mowing grass can be a good way to make a little extra cash.  He decided a lawn care business would be a way to earn the money for the treatment Robert needed and that it was something they could do together.  The only problem was he had a full time job, so he decided he would have to do it on his day off.  This is how DAD'S DAY OFF LAWN CARE was born. Tim had professional lawn care experience so it wasn't such a stretch, and before long he and his son had enough lawns to pay off the braces.  It was time to take the day off!



Fast forward to 2020 and a new reality.  Felicia had been successfully managing a dental office full time for over 15 years, but the reality of a compromised immune system during a pandemic had her searching for  a new way to make a living. Having moved to a lake in Manchester two years previously, she found that she enjoyed working from home, and was determined to find a way to keep her office with a view. She had wanted to own her own business for some time, but just couldn't seem to decide on the type of business. During a phone call to arrange for the septic to be pumped her delightful conversation with the spouse business partner of the septic cleaning company gave her the inspiration she needed.  Why not revive Dad's Day Off?  Tim was working in a small electronics manufacturing business and missed the outdoors, and mowing grass.  She could work from home, running the business, and he could get back on a lawnmower, only this time they could make it a full time family affair. 


They are a family that loves to fish, hike, camp, run, hunt, enjoy good food and travel.  They know that having time to enjoy all the best things in life together, is the most precious commodity.  That is what they are offering their customers.  The day off, because you have better things to do! 




















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