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Why are we the right choice?

Our Services are Guaranteed

If you aren't satisfied, we will make it right.

Quality Service

Great Support

With over twenty years of experience in lawn care and snow removal, Tim takes great pride in a gorgeous striped lawn. The smell of newly cut grass, the cool soft turf under your bare feet, a place for the children and dogs to play, these are a few of his favorite things!  



Fall clean up doesn't have to cut into football season or enjoying the bountiful pleasures of a Michigan autumn.  Take that hunting trip, spend some time on the boat, enjoy a fall color tour and cider stop with the family.  Tim will make sure your yard is ready for winter, and you don't have to sacrifice your precious time.


Find peace of mind with a safe, clear path to your mailbox during a big snow, and a driveway that is heading to town ready, without lifting a finger.










































With over fifteen years of customer support and business management experience, Felicia is dedicated to your satisfaction.  Have a question, concern, or special request?  Felicia has an answer, a solution, and the drive to make sure your satisfied.  If you aren't delighted, she wants to know. If you have an immediate concern about something on your property you can contact her by phone, email or text. She is dedicated to making sure you get it just the way you want it.


Paying for your services is just as convenient as ordering a new fishing pole online.  You will receive an invoice by email when service is complete.   And with a commitment to your satisfaction, it's risk free.  If you aren't happy, we will make it right.

Affordable Rates

Our pricing method is unique.  We charge by the man hour.  Our hourly rate is between $60-75 an hour for mowing depending on the following factors. 

  • The distance to your property from other clients. 
  • The complexity of the property, in regard to slopes, the number of obstacles, and the natural drainage.
  • The length of the lawn at your first mow. 


We will mow weekly for a month and take the average time for the month to set your price.  This ensures that the price is fair to you and the business. We are a weekly lawn care service, but when the growth slows, we will change the frequency to ensure that your lawn stays green and healthy for as long as possible.  The height of blades, frequency of mowing, and amount of precipitation are all factors that will determine the lush appearance of your lawn.










































Clean And Safe

A walkway clear of ice and snow makes the trip to the mailbox safe and easy  on ​ a blustery day.  No need to head to the chiropractor, we'll shovel it off.  Our plow will take the stress out of getting out of the drive and to work on tim​e when the weather is rough. Safe, clean, simple.  We offer a 10% discount when you pay for your annual service in full at the beginning of the  plowing season. Those who are signed up for these subscription services will also be eligible for initial services when there is a snow event.










































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